With a background in alternative building, Remington Matters began creative exploration through furniture in Fremantle, Perth, during late 2015. Steadily developing his unique design language, Remy continued to grow and expand his craft and soon began employing other like-minded makers and artisans through his practice. Angus McBride was appointed as Remy’s right-hand man in 2018 during his final year in a Masters of Architecture (University Western Australia).

Over the years, Remington Matters has expanded its offerings to include a diverse range of products, from tables and seating to accessories and lighting. With a commitment to sustainability, many of their designs incorporate repurposed materials and environmentally considered practices. Collectively, Angus and Remy continued to grow their team, reach and expertise and firmly established Remington Matters as a leading furniture design studio in Australia.

In 2020, Remy relocated back to his hometown of Adelaide to establish a second workshop, while Angus stepped up to Managing Director in Perth. Currently, Remington Matters operates full service workshops in both Perth and Adelaide.

Remington Matters is committed to designing with longevity and maintaining the legacy of high-quality, Australian-made furniture.

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