Hugo Residence


North Adelaide SA


Remington Matters


Remington Matters was commissioned by the Hugo Residence to create a tailored furniture package for their home. The furniture selection included an extendable Fleek Table, Juliet Thea chairs, Juliet Thea counter stools, a custom ottoman, a Twin Pole Coffee Table, Hugo Bedside Tables, a Hugo Tallboy, an Ovo Coffee Table, Thea Bedside Tables, Hugo Side Tables, and Ovo Side Tables.

Throughout the process, Remington Matters collaborated closely with the client to ensure that the furniture suite perfectly matched their living needs and preferences. The result was a curated collection of pieces that combined both functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating a cohesive and personalised living space. Highlights include creating and designing the eponymous Hugo range.

Extendable Fleek Table paired with Juliet Thea chairs and Juliet Thea counter stools

Twin Pole Coffee Table and custom ottoman.