Etcher Salon


Adelaide, SA


Divide Agency


With a focus on eccentric colours and playful design, Remington Matters provided Etcher Salon with a mixed furniture and signage package. Highlights of Mixed furniture and signage package included the largest Fleek Table in RM production history, measuring an impressive 5.5m x 1.4m. This versatile table is perfect for educational settings, conferences, and various other uses.

In addition, the space features stackable Walk Dining chairs in PC steel, offering easy cleaning and flexibility in space utilisation. Complementing the Fleek table, a Fleek Coffee Table and bench seat for a cohesive and stylish look. Custom-made steel footrests to enhance functionality, fabricated and installed by RM.

Custom designed signage in powder coated aluminium, all electrical and installation requirements met by RM team.

Fleek Table, pictured here with Stackable Walk Dining chairs in PC steel, allowing for easy cleaning and mixed use of space.